Disruptive Innovation in Fashion

What is DAgDART means ?


Please look at our brand logo,you will find 3 letter and words to  form the brand name . 

let me explain how DAgDART brand name delivered from  .


D is the first character of our company name ,and Ag from chemical symbol of silver.

Well , DART literally means penetrate , break through.

We combine three different word to create the unique  word.


DAgDART brings disruptive innovation to fashion industry .  

We are  committed to being group of innovative creator .

Now DAgDART  step forward another stage of discovery .


Our original hand crafted jewellery brings charm to everyone who wear .

You will never find a  same item. each detail of our jewelry  are   carefully finished, and produced by our skilful  DAgDART designer.


We always work hard to live up to high standard.

Deliver genuine craftsmanship from Kobe,Japan.